Despite four years elapsing since Microsoft announced the end of development on Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit,  the agentless tool has remained relatively popular – a testament, perhaps, to the inertia of the IT industry.

But that popularity is now waning, as the demands of IT organizations evolve. Unsupported tools such as MAP Toolkit are not able to provide the insights and dependability needed to migrate to the cloud or drive IT modernization.

What is MAP Toolkit?

The MAP Toolkit is a free utility that allows IT professionals to inventory devices, software, users, and infrastructure without the need for installed agents. It is an agentless, automated, multi-product planning and assessment tool for desktop, server and cloud migrations. MAP provides readiness assessment reports with detailed hardware and software information, and recommendations to help organizations accelerate their IT infrastructure planning process, and gather more detail on assets that reside within their current environment.

Set up is straight forward. A server isn’t required, and the wizard-based install means that potentially any end-user with the right credentials to scan their network could have it up and running in less than an hour.

The end of MAP Toolkit support and development

In July 2019, Microsoft announced to their Partner Network that MAP will receive no further updates. At the time, they recommended that partners and end users use alternatives to conduct the following assessments and services:

  • Server assessment and migration from on-premises to Azure
  • Database assessment and migration from on-premises to Azure
  • Web application migration from on-premises to Azure
  • Migration of on-premises Windows VDI estates to Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure

As time goes on, the Toolkit is becoming less useful, even for legacy use cases. For example, it cannot recognize newer versions of SQL Server. Add to that the fact that there is no support line to call for help, and it’s easy to see why partners are looking for an alternative.

Block 64: A MAP Toolkit Alternative with Enhanced Features

Block 64’s Insights & Analytics platform is a cutting edge MAP toolkit alternative, trusted by a number of the world’s largest IT consultants and Value Added Resellers. As with MAP, Block 64 also offers best-in-class agentless discovery tools and wizard-based set up in just a few minutes. But it’s what happens next and our commitments to constant innovation and support that set us apart.

A feature-by-feature comparison illustrates Block 64’s clear edge over the MAP Toolkit:

  • Deployment & Support: Block 64 reduces deployment bottlenecks with its fast deployment process and provides hands-on global support, unlike the now unsupported MAP Toolkit.
  • Data Collection & Analysis: With capabilities extending to ITAM, cloud resource consumption, SaaS, and security insights, Block 64 surpasses the basic ITAM information collected by the MAP Toolkit.
  • Partner Features: Block 64 empowers IT solutions providers and consultants with customizable templates and branded portals for enhanced customer interactions, a feature the MAP Toolkit does not provide.
  • Updates & Scalability: Block 64 promises regular updates, new features and fixes — a clear advantage over the MAP Toolkit which no longer receives updates. We are also deployed in environments of all sizes, from 100 endpoints to tens of thousands.
  • Reporting & Recommendations: Block 64 offers customizable templates and executive summaries, enabling tailored reporting and strategic decision-making. With MAP Toolkit, you are on your own when it comes to packaging and presenting your findings in a tangible, action-oriented way.

The added value of Block 64

Block 64 not only matches the capabilities of MAP Toolkit but goes above and beyond, providing comprehensive features and support that streamline the IT assessment process.

Instead of manual reports and disparate third-party tools, Block 64 customers use automated reports and comprehensive insights to centralize data collection, enhancing their ITAM, cybersecurity, and Microsoft 365 solutions practices. This not only reduces workload but also results in faster engagements, increased field margins, and a substantial uptick in vendor diversity.

For organizations looking to future-proof their IT assessments in the wake of the MAP Toolkit’s dwindling support, Block 64 stands out as a robust and innovative alternative. To witness first-hand how Block 64 can transform your IT infrastructure assessment and planning, reach out to our team for a demo.