Effortlessly Inventory Everything

Hidden inside your environment is a gold mine of potential insights.

We help you unearth it, capturing a comprehensive, real-time view of your hybrid ecosystem.

  • Comprehensive Asset Discovery

  • Agentless, Low Impact Options

  • Deploy in Minutes

  • Secure, Encrypted & Trustworthy

A detailed inventory of your entire landscape

We collect over 1,800 unique datapoints to create a rich and detailed inventory of every end-point, across any platform, desktops, servers, in a datacenter, on-premises or in the cloud.

Deploy in minutes

Our configuration wizard makes discovery straightforward and quick. There is no coding or technical expertise needed.

Once installed, you’ll start to add devices to your inventory as soon as they connect to the network.

Low-impact, agentless discovery

Our primary discovery tools require no agent to be installed on each endpoint, offering a complete inventory with very little network impact and almost no effort required.

Available as a Windows PC application or as a Virtual Appliance for over 10,000 endpoints and long-term deployments.

Remote agent for devices outside the network

For organizations with employees that never join the network, or with specific requirements precluding agentless discovery, we created Slingshot.

Easy to install and lightweight, it can be used alone or alongside our agentless tools to capture your entire distributed, hybrid environment.

End-to-end encryption

Your inventory is encrypted and securely transferred to a regionally located tier-4 datacenter where it is cleansed, categorized, matched and analyzed. We leverage advanced AI and machine learning to ensure accuracy and utility.

Transform your inventory into insights

Discovery is just the beginning. See how you can use your inventory to uncover risk, inefficiencies and opportunities.