Block 64 proudly introduces the Assessment Manager, a game-changing feature designed to simplify how our IT solutions partners run assessments for their clients. This dynamic, no-code report builder is now available to all Block 64 partners, streamlining delivery of SAM, ITAM, licensing, cloud and security assessments to their customers.

Build your templates in hours. Scale for ever.

The Assessment Manager is a do-it-yourself design tool, enabling partners to create unique assessment templates with dynamic graphics, charts, tables and rich text. These templates can then be populated with the real-time customer data collected by Block 64’s discovery and IT inventory tools.

After just a few hours of set up, you’ll have a powerful new way to automate and scale the creation of customer-ready reports for your most common, high-impact and repetitive sales processes.

  • Powered by real-time metrics: Seamless integration with Block 64’s analytics platform, allowing automatic population of your customer’s real-time IT inventory analytics.
  • No Code Template Editor: Enjoy the simplicity of point-and-click to craft layouts and widgets, as easy as using Wix, Mailchimp, or PowerPoint.
  • Smart Infographics and Visuals: Insert graphs, charts, or tables, and watch your report auto-populate with real-time data from Block 64 Analytics portal.
  • Smart Metrics and Auto-fill Text Editor: Seamlessly pull custom figures, reccomendations and statistics into richly formatted text.
  • Customized Branding: Tailor your reports with logos and brand colors, ensuring a personalized and professional look.
  • Flexible Delivery Formats: Deliver your reports as either a rich HTML webpage or a sleek PDF, catering to diverse preferences.
  • Robust Security: Rest assured with encrypted data, secured through multi-factor authentication (MFA) and robust access controls.

A sample widget created on the new Block 64 Assessment Manager.

Insert dynamic, auto-populating charts, tables and graphics to illustrate key metrics and insights.

Why the Assessment Manager is a Game-Changer for Partners

Our partners are at the core of our innovation. Understanding their need to scale efforts and boost sales, we’ve tailored the Assessment Manager to streamline the repetitive and time-consuming tasks inherent in sales and service processes.

Previously, creating custom reports demanded weeks, if not months, of collaboration and development. Today, your time to market with a new assessment can take just hours – without requiring any outside support or coding.

The result? Enhanced efficiency and the ability to focus on what matters most: growing the business and serving customers better.

With Block 64’s Assessment Manager, you’ll be able to step up your role as a trusted IT advisor and value-added partner. So why not get started?

Contact our partner sales team today, or request a free demo to see what Block 64 can do for your IT assessments practice.