In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud-based applications and single sign-on (SSO) technologies, Block 64 is proud to announce a powerful addition to our discovery platform: SaaS Management. This innovative new feature seamlessly offers detailed visibility into user activities on SaaS applications integrating with popular SSO and OAuth providers.

(Currently, Block 64 supports integrations with Microsoft’s Entra ID. Support for other SSO platforms such as Google and Okta is planned for subsequent releases.)

From Active Directory to Comprehensive Cloud Visibility

Traditionally, Active Directory served as the backbone of enterprise discovery processes, enabling IT teams to catalog and manage on-premises devices and user accounts. However, as organizations increasingly adopt cloud services, gaps have emerged in discovery capabilities. Easy to procure but hard to track, cloud services prove difficult to for IT teams to govern, leading to incomplete IT Asset Management and potential security vulnerabilities.

Recognizing this shift, Block 64 developed Saas Management to inventory the broad spectrum of enterprise IT assets.

By aggregating authentication logs from SSO and Oauth providers, organizations can identify which products are being used in their environment, which users are leveraging them, and when the products are being leveraged. This data is essential for managing SaaS products and addresses the critical need for a holistic view of both cloud and on-premises resources, ensuring no asset goes undiscovered.


Deep Dive into SaaS Management: Setup, Functionality, and Benefits

SaaS Management is designed for flexibility and ease of use, supporting both simple and custom deployment options to meet diverse IT infrastructure needs. By incorporating SSO and OAuth data, SaaS Management enables enterprises to:

  • Identify and catalog which third-party SaaS applications are in use, who is using them, and how frequently
  • Enhance security posture by identifying unknown or malicious products that are being accessed in your environment
  • Simplify the user experience by offering a unified platform for discovering and managing IT assets across all environments

Setting up SaaS Management is simple, and can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. For a more technical look at what’s involved, please read our support article, here.


Stay Ahead in the SSO Era with Block 64

SaaS Management by Block 64 marks a significant step forward in our commitment to evolving alongside the IT landscape, ensuring enterprises have the tools they need to manage IT assets effectively. By embracing the shift to cloud-based SSO technologies, organizations can enjoy enhanced visibility, security, and management of their digital environments.


Ready to Experience the Future of IT Discovery?

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